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Bankura University has taken the initiative of establishing a publishing platform which will operate through Bankura University Publication (BUP) wing. BUP therefore welcomes the submission of manuscripts from the teachers of the university. Please visit our website, fill in the form and submit it to
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Authors-Why publish with Bankura University Press?

We offer authors sophisticated distribution alongside an attentive and personal editorial experience.
We particularly offer the following
1. Editorial Excellence – Bankura University Press (BUP) intends to give you a substantial editorial experience in course of the entire process of editing the book.
2. Commitment to quality and peer review – We are particularly concerned about the quality of research publication. To substantiate this initiative, we have formed an unmatched peer review team which will help maintain the standard of publication
3. What do we publish? – Authors may publish their monographs, edited collections, proceedings, reference works, text books and Study Materials.
4. Our Mission - We are committed to publishing useful and original research contribution. All publications should show an active engagement with recent scholarship.
5. What do we offer?- BUP offers strategic support to early career researchers and mid-career scholars.

Submission Guidelines

Fill in the form and submit it to
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