Sl. No.Name of the Programme Leading to DegreeYear of Introduction of ProgrammeProgramme DurationCurrent Affiliation Status (Permanent/Temporary)
Ph.D. Course work Syllabus
01.Ph.D. in Bengali2016-176 YearsPermanentView
02.Ph.D. in Botany (Imparted through affiliated colleges)2016-176 YearsPermanentView
03.Ph.D. in Chemistry2019-206 YearsPermanentView
04.Ph.D. in Education2016-176 YearsPermanentView
05.Ph.D. in English2016-176 YearsPermanentView
06.Ph.D. in Geography (Imparted through affiliated colleges)2016-176 YearsPermanentView
07.Ph.D. in History2016-176 YearsPermanentView
08.Ph.D. in Law2016-176 YearsPermanentView
09.Ph.D. in Mathematics2016-176 YearsPermanentView
10.Ph.D. in Philosophy2016-176 YearsPermanentView
11.Ph.D. in Physics2019-206 YearsPermanentView
12.Ph.D. in Political Science2016-176 YearsPermanentView
13.Ph.D. in Sanskrit2016-176 YearsPermanentView
14.Ph.D. in Santali2020-216 YearsPermanent
15.Ph.D. in Social Work2018-196 YearsPermanentView