Priority areas for research collaboration:

(a)    Public Health: Bankura University : public health policy and correlated social issues in terms of bio-security. Cutting edge themes like (i) ageing, (ii) homelessness, (iii) public health and medical system in rural areas, (iv) family, patients, caregivers  and health policy in cross-school research strategies developed across the departments  of Law, Political Science, Social Work, English, Chemistry and History. We may mention the recent researches on photodynamic therapy, uric acid sensing, live cell tissue imaging in the Dept of Chemistry.

Track record: ICSSR project, UKIERI project with University of Swansea, Wales (with Vanessa Burholt and her team), conference supported by the Dept of Women Development and Social Welfare, Govt of West Bengal, SERB, ICHR etc

(b)   Environment and climate change: Research projects on (i) organic pollutant in waste water, (ii) dye degradation, (iii) green sysnthesis, (iv) tribal community and indigenous environmental strategies (v) coastal anxiety and climate change (vi) environmental sustainability and development.

In this transdisciplinary research area, departments like Chemistry, Political Science, Law, Social Work, Santali with an emphasis on indigenous studies, History and English

Track record: Project on environment and climate change  in collaboration with University of New South Wales ( with  Prof Paul Brown, Prof James Arvanitakis), several seminars and colloquia on Environmental crisis, publication of research papers

(c)    Artificial Intelligence: Department of Physics and other correlated Schools are engaged in AI research: (i) quantum computation, (ii) face recognition strategies (iii) Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact in terms of AI. This is largely supported by the departments Physics and Law.

Track record: Edited book on AI has been published (Routledge); Seminars and projects are continuing.

The university is also interested in student mobility and exchange:

(a)    University Executive Council has finalised an international roadmap for students’ mobility: the university has allocated funding of international airfare for students selected in MA, MSc, PhD programmes in UK universities.

(b)    Bankura University has signed MoU with Bankura Chamber of Commerce and Industries which has agreed to support the initiatives of the university in relation to students’ outreach programmes.

Staff exchange:

(a)    Provision of seed money for teachers engaged in international research collaboration

(b)   Allocation of funding for teachers in  relation to research visits, attending seminars/conferences etc

(c)    Hosting international visitors at the university